Democratic Architecture

Non-sense notes in response to a TED-talk by the founder of "Wikihouse".

It's easier to ship a recipe than carrots. Those are the parameters of democratic architecture. Take what works and enable those to create and design for themselves. To teach. To give to the world all that was ever mine.

Architecture shouldn't be proprietary.

Architectural Styles originate from copying and pasting. No problem needs to be solved twice.

There is a chaos of time to this system. This isn't crowd-sourcing. It's about opportunity.

Open Source Architecture as a form of collaboration. Bundling knowledge for others to use. Paradox of non-collaboration. Train and develop others. The fastest growing cities are "self-made"... ?? Climate change and health...

Consumption democracy no more... production democracy. Enable. 

Brings up alot of interesting ideas. I am not on-board. 

Bailey BrownComment