The Important Place

Once upon a time there was a Turtle named Man. One day Man went for a walk. A slow walk, considering he is a turtle, but with a persistent pace. He was headed somewhere important. On his way he passively paused at the foot of Harrison the Horse. "Hello Man," said Harrison, "what do you think of my ugly sweater?" Man the turtle, took a moment to study Harrison the Horse's sweater and Harrison's petulant expression. He took another moment and then another, staring at the weight of Harrison the Horse's shoulders, his low hanging head, and the nervous tapping of the rear left hoof. Finally, Man was prepared to comment, he opened his mouth wide and prepared his words thoughtfully. He lowered his jaw and began to speak. Just then, the melancholy mood overtook Harrison the Horse and he feebly lumbered away. Man the turtle pondered this just a moment and then persisted on his way once again.

He continued on until he began to feel the peering eyes of an unknown creature burrowing into the back of his head. Turning around, he stood eye to eye with Raisin the Robin who had just prior been flitting from bush to bush in search of lunch. Raisin the Robin stared intently at Man the Turtle with glossy spheres of sight for an eternity and then abruptly flew away. 

Man the turtle pondered this experience and then more cautiously proceeded on toward his goal. Not long after his Raisin the Robin Escapade, as he had begun to call this experience, he encountered a more taciturn creature. The gerbil scurried into the path rustling the granite gravel. Sitting erect before cowering and appearing to die right in that moment. Man the Turtle steadily gasped. He peered at the gerbil laying motionless in the road surrounded my bits of extraneous gravel. As he inched closer he began to smell a most intriguing aroma surrounding the perceived dead gerbil. "Ouch" yelled Man the Turtle as he realized the gerbil had bit him on the nose as he savored the sumptuous scent. He scurried away and Man the Turtle considered that he had never known her name. 

Apparently this road was more frequented than anticipated. Man the Turtle has expected no one on his route to somewhere important. "Thank you for patiently pausing to speak to me" said a voice from the hedge. Man the Turtle surveyed the area already realizing that he was the one being spoken to. The hedge spoke again "I have been waiting for you for a long while". Man the Turtle considered if he had ever met a hedge before, but eventually resolved that this was the one and only hedge he had ever spoken to much less known. The hedge continued to speak, apparently hedges are quite talkative once they get going, "Man the Turtle you have come to ask me a question". Man the Turtle gaped and said aloud "So this hedge row is the important place?" "Any place can be important if it means something to you and today this place will mean something. Now, Man, Ask me your question." Man the Turtle had been preparing the question for weeks and now that it was time to say it, he found himself tongue tied. He cleared his throat and began "Hedge, where can I find colors? I hear people speak of them as if all should know and yet I don't understand". Hedge chuckled audibly and Man was taken aback. In the important place you were supposed to be able to ask any question no matter how silly or stupid it seemed. Man blushed and Hedge said "that warmth you feel in your cheeks is the color red. Tan is the gerbil and his taciturn demeanor. Black is the inky depth you saw in the eyes of the Robin and blue is the color of Harrison the Horse. Horses used to be black or tan but now they are blue because they grew so sad". Man the Turtle had nothing to say to this. He went home with a new set of words to use on his next great adventure to the important place.