Digital Feudalism and People Farming

Notes in response to a guardian podcast:

Is the internet broken? And has the utopian 90s net been replaced by digital feudalism, where a few powerful entities wield control over all of us digital serfs? In this series, Jordan Erica Webber looks at internet-enabled dystopia, and how even the technology designed to do good can end up causing harm.

To kick off, we explore whether our privacy has been compromised by the tech giants whose business models depend on harvesting and monetising our data. We speak to cyborg rights activist Aral Balkan; the executive director of UK charity Privacy International Gus Hosein; and to Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine and author of The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future.



users, customers - track store and analyze. to create profiles. Monetize with customers. Farming people. and monetizing with users. We aren't the users of companies. We are the products sold to others. We allow. and reliquish control?? no it's been grabbed from us. Let's not undersell this situation. Current market is not capitalism. Fuedalism - 5 companies running the planet. Stops innovating and just buys more companies to gather more data. We don't see our own value. Participate. Give me authority and autonomy. Oligarchy of google, facebook, amazon.

5 men have as much wealth as half of the worlds poorest population  - 3.5 billion

  1. gates
  2. besos
  3. zuckerberg
  4. ellison
  5. bloomberg

Tiny group has ALL of the control. human rights of privacy. All of our communication is under surveillance. Must trust these powerful entities. Hillary Clinton - ran own server!! freak out!! BUT everybody could control own services. Us using large entities. She didn't seek refuge from the BIG 5. It attacked her. King to protect all of us from all the other global entities. We treat their platforms as public space that we trust. The companies benefit from us treating them this way. They are shopping malls, not public parks. You don't have RIGHTS in these monetary spaces of private enterprise. 


We need public space on the internet. People interact and read the paper. Private in a public space. Public in a public space. We are below. Reading on the trains. Reading the information... advertisers and companies controlling you. Communication... everything is recorded and mined. Everything is being monitored. Micro advertising. 

What's wrong with the companies collecting our data? inventor of the internet is afraid. 

  1. We've lost control of our personal data - one year ago. admiral car insurance. if you give us access to your profile... we will give you discounts. Judge you on your grammar, syntax. Oberserved in natural habitat. ZOO. 
  2. social media intelligence -  local council. local gov. monitoring your position in the community. everyone is monitoring you. the local government. monitored social media intelligence.
  3. beneath the water line - everything being recorded beneath your control. It knows where you've been, what time you wake up, who you talk to, how you talk to others.

How do we get back our own data? 


"i've got nothing to hide" i've never done anything bad. The problem is bigger than anyone person's rights. Cyborg Rights - privacy rights for the extension of yourself into the digital sphere. Algorithims, data, digital copy. those digital copies need rights. Companies control that self?? Never can see your data. It is part of you. No matter where the data IS you retain your rights to your data. Data is an extension of yourself. Some others see your data is more valuable that you. care more about data that about the person. How much worse can this become?? 60 people working on predicting and reading your mind. They will know what they think?

slavery - 2.0 

no longer legal to own bodies, BUT it is legal to know everything besides my physical body. It is important to own yourself. Otherwise we won't own ourselves.

The inevitable - 12 technological forces that will shape our future. Data isn't own able. My face is outwardly public. i don't have it. Every connection has value. Industrial age. ownership isn't something you can own. Not suited to ownership law. Data can't owned. Asymmetry - he must get a benefit in return. I must receive a transaction service, i need to know everything you are doing with everything about myself. We should be seeking symmetry in our relationships. i want to be able to see Everything in your financial, coded, and personal portfolio. There is NO symmetry. AKA feudalism. They know 1,000 more percent knowledge than ourselves. 100% transparency. Individual Right to privacy. Your privacy is all you have against the powerful others. One thing we can do is train yourself to be patient and passionate. A father refused to utilize services... you can't be all or nothing. Mediated balance.

There are other ways to develop tech. 

These services must be used. Protest these issues...?? how i need to use them everyday???? Necessary... too big to fail. National security?? We must use the law to protect humans. Positive developments. Expectations of security. 

Who owns the security. We aren't happy with your lack of transparency. Next time I see your ad?? how dare you judge me???