on a thursday

Podcast notes


Platforms, block chains, sharing your excess to others. Trust tech. Shifting the use of product from one to the other. Crypto-economics. Bit coin is not block-chain. Digital public ledger. Shared public ledger, time stamped etc on the block chain. chain of blocks linked my cryptography. everything must be edited for one to contain. Sutashi Yakimoto. fictional anonymous creator. 
no accountability. lack of trust resulting. 
new institutions... pointing at the banks now... platform's responsibility to maintain trust. What does that institution look like? more mainstream. Smart contracts. Cost of trust will plummet. no more lawyers, real estate managers. internet ledger tech. I can transfer value and trust without intermediaries. Efficiency??

TRUST in a larger system more options to form trust but always evaluating

distributed trust is mitigated by tech. helped my algorithms to efficiency. Trust requires friction and time. Thinking trust... evaluating trust takes study. Fake News. Filter bubble echo chambers (online neighborhoods) versus misinformation and fake content, bots and algorithms manipulate us/programs. Symptom of outsourcing trust. Relationship... tech does something FOR US. Has to be reliable/predictable. Deciding something is what it now does. intentions must be deciding. 

Historical TECH = doing something

Contemporary TECH = deciding something

Competence, reliability (dependable), benevolence, integrity (integral across the spectrum) ----> in human interactions we are always evaluating these as a balance. Hidden in algorithms. Intentions can also be confusing. Child/Alexa or Google Home Mini. She can't evaluate that AMAZON is controlling what it does/says/decides. Intentions of the humans behind the tech. Form of responsibility. Accountability. Justification. Responsibility/intentional. Difficult to evaluate. Must trust the man in the back. Trust Algorithm that is easy to blame. We have to trust them but don't understand them. We don't know HOW the results are consistent. We have techs much more opaque. Nero networks and deep learning... trying to understand. Describe system. Must understand the Black box.... the powerful algorithm. Trust that it is fair? and can transform as necessary. 
Does it matter that I understand it?? no. But i can understated the the people ON the loop. modify, trust, change, and manipulate. 


trust can be enhanced if we are aware that there are people controlling the information/tech. trust dishwasher??? i need to be able to TURN IT OFF. It would be risky to delegate EVERYTHING to a tech system but with an OFF Switch. Degree of control matters immensely. 
There has to be a point of accountability. Empowered democratization until someone needs to take the blame.