Liz has a blog.


Liz has a blog. It's a blog about pigeons. Pigeon types, families behaviors. She makes $45,000 a year by linking to pigeon products on her pages and from advertisement revenues. I don't even know what pigeon products could exist let alone that people want to purchase. But apparently we live in a a day and age where the pigeon community and every other community for that matter can fund an entire enterprise. Oh so now you see the rewards of tribalism. Could Liz open a pigeon product store in her small town in SE Oklahoma? No, of course not...that would be absurd. But connecting to the tribalism of the internet. By collective determination be deemed the "pigeon expert" of the internet people give her money. Can she survive on the income? That's not much money. But in SE Oklahoma it is. Yay global capitalism and capital flows. Where she lives this 45k gets her a nice house with a yard and a car. Never mind the fact that she has to drive the car everywhere and her kids are in 4 day a week public school because the state funding is abhorrent. That 45k puts her above the poverty line. Engaging with the tribe beyond of pigeon enthusiasts allows her to live the life she's imagined. She never tells her readers that everything she knows about pigeons, pigeon behavior or pigeon folklore comes from one of two sources. Her neighbor Polly who is 95 and grew up with 65 pigeons in her home because her mom thought chickens were nasty but they needed to eat poultry to stay healthy. The second source is a book she found at a garage sale on straight street titled Pigeon Culture. Who knows how this ended up in her town but she sure in grateful. It only took 20 minutes of googling for her to realize the book had zero online presence. As if it didn't exist. Between Polly and the book she was able to claim expert knowledge on her blog. She never even had to invent any information. Never had to think. Only to act. To dictate and record and publish. Welcome to the world of the internet where everything is made up and the points don't matter. As long as she produces content and people click she makes a buck. Quality has no value only efficiency and volume. 45K a year sounds pretty good to me.