Saint Thomas Catholic Church

Saint Thomas Catholic Church

Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

Fall 2012

A rural catholic church located in a hilly cross timbered prarie landscape Saint Thomas Catholic Church is designed to connect God and Man by way of the earth. Every material is explicitly natural lifting the wooden lattice of the sanctuary above the stone base. The angular plan geometries beckon parishioners into the church providing a place of peace and reflection. 

This project was my first to produce on the computer and began to foster a "design by hand, produce by computer" aesthetic that carried through my architectural education. 

Scope and Intent

Site Analysis, Concept Design, Market Feasibility, Schematic Design, Team Coordination, RFP Production, Firm Creation, Business Development


Paolo Sanza


4 Weeks

Program Use

Photoshop, Indesign, Rhino


Second Place US Stone Competition