Campus West Graduate Residential Ecovillage

Campus West Graduate Residential Ecovillage

Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

89,000 sf

Fall 2013

The Campus West Graduate Residential Ecovillage offers the kinds of social spaces and experiences that enhance campus and academic life for graduate student families.

The full-block site is designed as a new center of graduate student housing, providing a space for privacy of the nuclear family, while also encouraging interactions and exchange among families of different ages and backgrounds.

Campus West offers a mix of family residences, dining options, amenities, and outdoor green spaces. The location and placement of the structures create a new node for the University, strengthening connections between the campus and nearby communities.

The design situates four slender bar buildings in an urban fabric of plazas, gardens, walkways, and an interior courtyard that together form inviting, public and semi-private outdoor spaces for students and neighbors.

The building is scaled to its context, with the highest structure being only two stories tall . Existing brick is used to clad the building, a contemporary facade informed by the University’s neo-georgian tradition.

My role varied over the course of the project but primary tasks included Presentation Organization, Document Organization, Team Schedule Organization, Concept Design,   Programming,  Massing Development, Diagram Production, Two-Dimensional Drawing Creation, and Rendering Consult.



Scope and Intent

Site Analysis, Concept Design, Massing, Schematic Design, Team Coordination, Graphic Presentation

Project Team

Hana Avey, Chris Holden


Randy Seitsinger


4 Weeks

Program Use

Revit, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator