The Baths at Mont Blanc

The Baths at Mont Blanc

Pre Saint Didier, Italy

Fall 2013

As a single  institution devoted singularly to the art of health and relaxation, the  Baths at Mont Blanc are designed to strip away secular sensoral awareness and acutely heighten the present vulnerability  of the sacred. The site for the spa rests in a narrow valley southeast of Mont Blanc in the Italian town of Pre Saint Didier where consistent hot springs warm both the ground and the natural springs beneath. The architectural character of the town maintains a  vernacular charisma of it's own and the external experience of the Baths at Mont Blanc provide an unassuming contemporary contrast to the villas and cottages in the immediate context. 


Scope and Intent

Site Analysis, Concept Design, Research, Project Documentation, Graphic Presentation, Phenomenology, Morphology, Materiality,  and Conceptual integration of Mechanical Systems


Awilda Rodriquez


3 Weeks

Program Use

Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Rhino

The spa mediates this setting with two distinct acts of architecture. The first in the massing and organization of two distinct bodily forms. The wrapping of the protective rectilinear form surrounds the vulnerable form within. The second act of architecture looks to the earth. The spa is conceived as a solid, a continuous form that is opened up by narrow furrows of natural light and gaping voids that direct attention to the sky. Walls of textured locally quarried stone form the primary building envelope, interior walls and structural system. As a response to a ever hurried world the Bath at Pre Saint Didier are a place to slow thoughts and bodies. To remove the veil of daily life and sink into a restrained mindset of pure sensory experiences.